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Essential for the success of an EBR project is that the introduction after the technical implementation is functional supported. Systec & Services is able to perform holistic EBR projects. Our individual support after the implementation ensures long-term success and optimal functionality of your Electronic Batch Recording (EBR).

Electronic Batch Recording (EBR) solutions replace today’s paper-based with paperless batch documentation systems. This reorientation is the basic prerequisite to achieve a lean production and to be able to react to flexible batch sizes without the burden of creating huge amounts of paper-based documentation. With the accompanying reduction of human errors the batch quality is additionally improved. Through the paperless “review by exception” batches can be released faster and more secure – this saves time and increases quality at the same time.

Scope of Delivery

The foundation of a successful EBR project is built from two factors:

  1. The technical implementation needs to be carried out successful and secure.
  2. The introduction needs to be supported functionally. In both items Systec & Services supports you extensively.

Systec & Services is able to perform complete EBR projects. Beyond the pure implementation Systec & Services in addition provides you with following value adding Services:

  • Creation of recipe design and structures
  • Definition of release workflows
  • Validation of recipes
  • Support of equipment management and workflows 

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