Business Director

Joerg Erdmann

Jörg Erdmann

Business Director

After his diploma in computer science at the University of Karlsruhe Joerg Erdmann started his professional life 1994 as software engineer for operation management systems at Kreutler in Karlsruhe.

1996 he moved on to Propack Data GmbH, Karlsruhe, and is gathering experiences in the Life Science Industry since then. Starting as software engineer he was soon working as project manager for international customers and first contact for their organization and execution of global rollout programs. Starting 1997 he was responsible team lead in the project department.

With the acquisition of Propack Data by Rockwell Automation Joerg Erdmann moved to european management jobs. In the position of Operations Manager Life Sciences he was responsible for all operational aspects of the end customer project business for the life science industry. Further on he worked several years as Business Manager Life Sciences and had responsibility for the strategy and commercial execution for the MES and automation portfolio of the Rockwell Automation Life Sciences segment.

Jörg Erdmann is heading the Track & Trace Consulting department at Systec & Services and is responsible for international customers.

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