Karl G. Linder

Karl G. Linder 

Karl G. Linder looks back now on nearly 30 years of industry experience. After studying electrical engineering in Karlsruhe, he spent seven years in R&D for the Robert Bosch Group.

As an entrepreneur, he founded Propack Data GmbH in 1984, which he built up into an international software solution company for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2002, he sold Propack Data to Rockwell Automation.

Today, Mr. Linder is active as an investor in multiple software and medical device companies in the Karlsruhe technology scene.

From its founding in 2001 to 2015 Karl G. Linder was responsible for the for the strategic direction of Systec & Services. Moreover, he promoted several research projects in green IT, energy monitoring and sensor systems.

In addition, he is the Managing Director of Systec & Solutions, an subsidiary of Systec & Services.

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