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Key to success for the success of your business (BI) or Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) project is the accurate recording and analysis of your data, from which a professional Data Modeling can be derived.

Even before the introduction of your BI- or MI solution we support you in the data analysis of your Data Model and the development of Data Modeling concepts. Here is our focus. This sets us apart from many others. In addition to collecting and analyzing data sets, especially the merging of data from different sources with different formats, many companies and Data Modeling Tools will be put into major challenges: huge, barely manageable amount of data need to be collected, organized and analyzed intelligently. Hardly any type of software for qualitative data analysis is applicable to this problem. Data that exist optimized in form of operational data models, but their semantics is not intuitively obvious, however, must be placed in a context. With appropriate Data Modeling they come back into balance!

We support you in developing an intelligent data model architecture: We support you in the Data Modeling, tool-independent, solid and focused to measurable increase in efficiency. We plan precisely, individually and with a view to long-term success.

Data Modelling – Our services

Concept of Data Modelling

Your data from different data sources are organized in accordance to your individual business transactions. Basis for the definition of your data model are modern methods that free us from restrictions that Business and Manufacturing Intelligence Tools usually bring with them. 

  • Physical Design - Analysis of physical data sources
  • Integration Design - Identification and integration of the necessary attributes
  • Analytical Design - Definition of representation and presentation of data

Data Modelling – Your benefits

Through the precise development process by means of of professional Data Modelling you get a reliable solution that optimizes many long-dated factors for your benefit:

  • Measurable time and cost savings
  • Optimization of recipe creation (Recipe Designer)
  • Support for the implementtion of a BI- or MI solution
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