Business Process Management

“Who does what, when, how and with what?” The answers to the central question of business process management are as unique as our customers. Keeping a clear view of the processes is crucial for successful MES projects.

Our Services

Our experts provide a wide range of services to support you. We will manage your business processes for you, analyzing, defining and harmonizing them in order for you to keep a clear vision of the bigger picture. Through the meticulous control of processes in a standardized system landscape (according to ISA-95), potential flaws can be easily identified and dealt with. Adequate To-Be processes will be developed considering:

  • Customer requirements
  • IT strategy
  • System integration
  • Available functions in the system 

By taking everything into consideration, you will be sure to have the best possible processes for your business.

As a result of decades of experience, our professionals are able to select the vendor that is most suited to your needs. Furthermore, they will provide URS servicesprototyping and a FitGap analysis to optimize your results to reach the maximum of your potential.

Business Process Management
Business Process Management


Our team makes sure to manage your project with the correct processes, and to keep them target-oriented. This assures results that are on time, within the budget and in the quality that was promised. Thanks to our extensive experience with MES projects, we can provide you with considerable advantages when dealing with your processes, including:

  • Understandable As-Is processes (using our standardized “Process Landscape™”)
  • Simplified To-Be processes
  • Harmonized processes that enable the use of harmonized systems

Together with our team of experts, you will reach success with your MES!

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