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Companies of the life sciences industries are often faced with the challenge of having to quickly and securely retrieve existing information from within their production process. This is crucial not only for informative purpose in day-to-day business, but also to investigate the causes of possible recalls or other difficulty. Take a look at our solution!

LiSI AdhocReports (LiSI = Life Sciences Intelligence) allows clients of the regulated industry to easily access all production data in real time. This makes spontaneous, highly up-to-date research and analysis possible at any time. LiSI also simplifies the connection to databases and OPC servers significantly without needing extensive IT knowledge.

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Dr. Martin Printz

Phone: +49 721 6634 357

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Our services

Compiling data from different systems is very time-consuming and often causes errors. LiSI AdhocReports collects the validated data automatically! The goal is to be able to react quickly, regardless of whether it is to events in production or to market inquiries (like product recalls). Detecting errors early allows an increase in quality and transparency.

  • Secure access to all relevant production data
  • Use of data for research and spontaneous analyses
  • Display of up-to-date data (KPI, OEE, ...) in dashboards
  • Communication interface between different systems
  • Early detection of error sources and defects
  • Easy handling without IT dependency

Your benefits

Reduction of manual data compiling Automated access on all available data sources in production
Avoidance of data redundanciesReal-Time virtual data access – without limiting the performance of the source systems
Quick inquiries, investigations and analysesFaster determination of error sources; data correlation allows a new dimension of research
Display of real time data in dashboardsValues from different systems can be displayed in a dashboard