LiSI PrintOutParser

In companies of the life sciences industry, protocols are printed out at many plants. These can be scanned and then assigned to the respective batch as a PDF graphic. The process is labor-intensive and full of gaps because the PDF files cannot be searched by content.

With LiSI PrintOutParser (LiSI = Life Sciences Intelligence) you can increase your quality, your productivity and your transparency. All common print logs can be read and interpreted. Datasets are recognized and extracted using keywords, and relevant data is entered into databases which can be retrieved from there.

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Dr. Martin Printz

Phone: +49 721 6634 357

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The life sciences industry now requires the automation of the process of generating an electronic machine protocol. This includes the automation of batch allocation and import into the batch documentation system. If possible, it should also allow for user data of all kinds to be extracted from the print data. The LISI PrintOutParser fulfills these exact requirements.

  • All major print logs are readable and interpretable
  • Data is recognized and extracted using keywords
  • Creation of a PDF-document
  • Relevant data is entered in the database and is accessible from there

Your benefits

Accurate electronic output of the (previously) printed documentSaves time to scan documents
Complete extraction of the textual user dataAvailability of data that was previously only available on paper, and that could not be evaluated separately
Access to the context-related individual data of the print logsFast and automatic assignment to other electronic batch documents of a single batch
A solution that supports companies' sustainability programsReduce the usage of printers, scanners, ink and paper - an active contribution to environmental protection