Systec & Services – Part of the Körber AG

New member - new logo - new Corporate Design - new website!

Since November 2017 we are part of the Körber AG. After a couple of month now, it was time to update the Systec & Services corporate design, the logo, and the website. It all looks new and fresh; it looks like a lot of change.

So what did not change?

Our heart, our soul, our values:

We approach the needs of our clients with total dedication, applying all of our specialist expertise. Our passion is what drives us on to achieve our goals.

Our greatest asset is the quality of our products and our services. With reliability and discipline, we are dedicated to delivering the best results possible.

Our creativity and ability to think outside the box makes finding solutions to problems much easier. Our research and development work leads to strong and innovative ideas.

Sustainable action is the result of trust and a spirit of partnership. Our successful growth is down to longterm relationships with our business partners.

Constant changes in the regulatory and business environment require agility and flexibility. Just like our clients, we adapt to the changing conditions.

The business world is all about relationships. We act with honesty, authenticity and empathy when dealing with our partners and clients. The personal relationship is what makes the difference.

Contact us for further discussion, we are looking forward to it!