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Logo LiSI PrintOutParser

LiSI PrintOutParser

LiSI PrintOutParser (LiSI = Life Sciences Intelligence ) enables customers of the regulated industries to increase their quality, productivity and transparency. All relevant data sources can be read, correlated, presented and evaluated.

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Logo LiSI MicroPDA


LiSI MicroPDA (LiSI = Life Sciences Intelligence) is an intelligent system to optimize plant efficiency. The software solution can be implemented rapidly, captures micro stoppages reliably and is easy to use.

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Logo LiSI DataModel

LiSI DataModel

LiSI DataModel (LiSI = Life Sciences Intelligence) provides the regulated industry easy and secure access to all production data. The data can be used for validated reporting, spontaneous searches, analyzes and dashboards.

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Logo LiSI AdHocReports

LiSI AdHocReports

LiSI AdhocReports (LiSI = Life Sciences Intelligence) enables customers of the life sciences industries to access existing data pools in real-time and secure. Highly topical researches, analyzes and dashboards can be created at any time. 

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Logo LiSI ValidReports

LiSI ValidReports

LiSI ValidReports (LiSI = Life Sciences Intelligence) allows customers of the regulated industries to generate necessary regulatory documents like Product Quality Reviews (PQR) or Annual Product Reviews (APR) or even complete batch reports automatically and to release them validated.

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