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Companies of the life sciences industries often face the challenge of having to quickly and securely access to existing data pools. Callbacks, for example, require rapid action to promptly determine the causes. In addition, many companies want current information about their production.

LiSI AdhocReports (LiSI = Life Sciences Intelligence) allows customers of the regulated industry to easily access all production data in real time. Thus, highly topical research and analysis are always spontaneously possible. LiSI also simplifies the connection to databases and OPC servers significantly - without needing extensive IT knowledge.

LiSI AdhocReports – Our services

Compiling data from different systems is very time-consuming and prone to error. LiSI AdhocReports collects the data automated and validated! This data can then be used for ad hoc analyses like inquiries, investigations, or even with dashboards. The goal is to be able to react fast on events in production or on market inquiries (like product recalls). This increases the quality by detecting errors early; additionally transparency is improved considerably.

  • Safe access on all relevant production data
  • Usage of data for inquiries, investigations and spontaneous analyses
  • Display of up to date data (KPI, OEE, …) in dashboards
  • Easy handling without IT dependancy
  • Communication interface between different systems

LiSI AdhocReports – Your benefits

Reduction of manual data compilingAutomated access on all available databases in production
Avoidance of data redundanciesReal-Time virtual data access – without limiting the performance of the source systems
Fast inquiries, investigations and analysesFaster determination of error sources; correlation of data allows a new dimension of investigation
Display of real time data in dashboardsValues out of different systems can be displayed in a dashboard
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