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The foundation for the successful introduction of business or manufacturing intelligence tools is the development of an appropriate Data Model. The expenditure for data modeling within such a project here is usually 60 - 70%. Without generic approach of this effort must be even estimated per inserted tool. That costs time and money. We have the solution!

With LiSI DataModel (LiSI = Life Sciences Intelligence) Systec & Services uses a generic method which ensures that the data modeling needs to be performed only once - regardless of the business / manufacturing intelligence tool. LiSi Data Model offers customers the regulated industry the ability to easily and secured access to all production data and to use them for reporting validated, spontaneous research, analyzes and dashboards.

Data modeling as basis for the successful usage of BI tools (PDF whitepaper)



LiSI DataModel – Our services

LiSI DataModel Reference Model

LiSI DataModel secures access on all required data. The easy and very transparent modeling of data targets two goals: Independency from the actual analysis (Business Intelligence (BI) tools like LiSI ValidReports or LiSI AdHocReports) and access on the original data sources through a virtualized database.

The traditional data modeling is always based on the used tool.
LiSI DataModel revolves around this way:

First a system-neutral modeling based on UML (Unified Modeling Language) is implemented, and then the virtual data accesses are modeled based on that. Only in a third step this neutral model with different tools for analysing, evaluating and generating reports is accessed.

  • Generation of a transparent, tool-independent data model
  • Virtualization of data access on source systems
  • Presentation of data in a "comprehensible" language
  • Expandable without profound IT knowledge

LiSI DataModel – Your benefits

Avoidance of redundanciesVirtualized data access based on the system-neutral data model
Tool IndependenceSystem-neutral data model allows the usage of different BI tools – at the same time
TransparencyModeling is transparent and comprehensible
ExpandibilityData model is all time expandable – as well as through further data sources as through new BI tools
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