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Companies of the life sciences industry protocols are printed out at many plants. This will be scanned normally and so assigned as a PDF graphic of each batch. The process is labor-intensive and at the same sketchy, because the PDF files cannot be searched by content. Get help with our solutions!

With LiSI PrintOutParser (LiSI = Life Sciences Intelligence) you can increase your quality, your productivity and your transparency. All standard printing protocols are readable and interpretable, datasets are recognized and extracted by keywords, and relevant data are recorded in data bases and available from there.

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The life sciences industry requires by now, to automate the process of generating electronic batch protocols including correlation to a charge and importing into charge-documentation-systems and, if possible, to extract various kinds of user data from the print data. The LISI PrintOutParser meets exactly these requirements.

  • All major print logs are readable and interpretable
  • Data are detected and extracted using keywords
  • Production of a pdf-document
  • Relevant data are entered in the database and are traceable from there
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