„Architecture of a manufacturing intelligence system: production processes always at sight“– new article in the current issue of BI-Spektrum (2/2013)


Karlsruhe, August 1st 2013 – In the current issue of BI-Spektrum (2/2013), Maxim Zehe presents the architecture of a Manufacturing Intelligence system and explains technology, problems and structure of such a system applied in a Life Sciences production facility.

Today a lot of companies of the Life Science industry rely on Manufacturing Intelligence systems. Those integrate production data and allow reports, analyses and visualizations. In contrast to Business Intelligence, far greater data volumes have to be processed, there is real-time character and many, partly older, production facilities have to be integrated. Maxim Zehe, Technical Consultant at Systec & Services, dealt together with Sebastian Streit of F. Hoffmann - La Roche Ltd. and Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Uwe Haneke of the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe with this challenges.

It was their vision to reach a consolidation of all data sources with EII (Enterprise Information Integration) and to provide this as a completely integrated BI-solution. EII offers agile development, real-time data access and low investment and operating costs. The three core tasks of the EII system are the creation of a connection to the data sources, the modeling of virtual tables and the allocation of standard interfaces to reporting and analyzing systems. Through the standard interfaces any analyzing system can be used, as for example MS Excel or SAP BI 4. The connection to these systems is technically not very complex and enjoys a high user acceptance; therefore the presented prototype project is globally introduced in the customer’s production facilities.

Enjoy reading the detailed Article (PDF 130 Kb - only in German) – if you have any questions or require further information or advice, Maxim Zehe is looking forward to hearing from you.

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