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Systec & Services continues to supply several additional sites for leading pharmaceutical and healthcare groups. For instance an innovative company, operating globally with numerous production sites has decided to provide additional locations with Systec & Services MES solution. This company is one of the leading CMOs in Europe, offering services throughout the entire value chain for pharmaceuticals as well as food supplements.

This successful collaboration with Systec & Services has existed for many years, including several projects that were carried out jointly. At present, four German sites are equipped with the MES system by Systec & Services. The MES solution, specially designed for pharmaceutical production, supports the complete production process from goods receipt to finished products.

Due to the positive experience, the company decided to work again with Systec & Services and implement the system on supplementary sites, using a core roll-out principle. This type of approach defines centrally a uniform standard, which is then rolled out to the subsidiaries. The senior VP IT of the company group: “As part of the system harmonization it was no question for us that we would also match the MES system landscape. We will bring all subsidiaries up to date, step by step. With all their industrial and system experience, the Systec & Services´ colleagues are our first choice for this international project.”

 “I am extremely pleased with the continuation and intensification of the cooperation regarding the long-term and very close customer-supplier relationship”, adds Fred Schiffmacher, Managing Partner Systec & Services. “This significant expansion of the project is a confirmation of our achievements so far and shows once again the sustainable competence of our team.”

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