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The topic Serialization will continue to keep quite a few of you busy in 2017. Target markets like Saudi Arabia and the USA will go ahead. Even if only EU countries are in scope of your supply, the time is short.

Coming more into the focus now are specialized or niche questions on the topic Serialization.  What do I need to do if my product is OTC in one country and Rx in another? How do I as a MAH deal with imports? Which requirements do the large MAHs have against their CMOs?
Please do not hesitate to approach us in case you need support with the above, we are looking forward to your requirements.

Should your main focus be more on MES systems, you are in an area that will continue to have attention in 2017. A lot of legacy systems are due to be replaced, plus a considerable amount of smaller and midsize companies are taking the path to a fully paperless manufacturing and production. We’d appreciate to come along with you on that journey.

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