Philipp Kläsle newly appointed Authorized Officer at Systec & Services Switzerland GmbH



Philipp Kläsle started his career with Systec & Services GmbH Germany in November 2011 as a Consultant and subsequently became a Team Manager. He then became the first employee in 2015 at our newly established business, Systec & Services Switzerland GmbH.

He now manages the Swiss team currently composed of more than ten employees and growing considering the healthy business development of Systec & Services over the past years. Fred Schiffmacher, Managing Director at Systec & Services comments: "What I am particularly pleased about is, that we could fill this position with Philipp Kläsle, an internal colleague."

Mr. Kläsle holds a degree in Informatics from the University Karlsruhe and a degree in Business information from the University Konstanz.

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