Remarkable first hands-on day "Serialization + Traceability"



Systec & Services participated at the first hands-on day "Serialization + Traceability" in Mannheim on June 22nd, both with a booth and a speech.

The current hot topic "Serialization" attracted more than 70 participants to Mannheim, Germany. A full day was dedicated to speeches by Domain Experts in this area. Experts came from associations, OEM’s, Service Providers, and from a large German pharmaceutical manufacturer, who shared first hand project experiences.

There is still need for minor clarifications on the Delegated Regulation 2016/161/EU, however new questions do take the leading position now: Which potentials can be realized, which parameters can be adjusted to differentiate, or is it really just that - costs?

Naturally, this topic was then discussed by Frederic Thiele, Senior Consultant Systec & Services, in his speech "Serialization – Nothing bust costs?"

If you would like to review the (german) presentation, it is available here. An english presentation on a similiar topic you can find here.

All presentations as well as video recordings will be available at the event website.

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