securPharm Status Report 2018


“It is now high time that pharmaceutical companies with products subject to mandatory verification connect to the database of the pharmaceutical industry.”

securPharm e.V., the initiative to prevent falsified medicines from entering the legal supply chain in Germany, has published the annual status update report. Beside hands-on context and regulatory information, the securPharm initiative is providing a status update on the project progress in Germany. In addition, securPharm is sharing thoughts and recommendations for the pharmaceutical industry:

“The generation, management and reliable transmission of serial numbers to the database system of the pharmaceutical industry is another challenge that has been solved by the participating companies through the systematic adjustment of IT solutions and processes within the company. The experience the participating companies were able to gather so far also shows how valuable it is to start the implementation early. Almost none of the tasks listed can be solved without the help of external partners such as the manufacturers of cameras, printing and packaging machines, the providers of software solutions and the producers of folding cartons. The only problem is that their capacities are ultimately not unlimited either. For pharmaceutical companies, it is now a matter of great urgency to address the technical and organisational challenges associated with the implementation of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive. One of the greatest challenges is and will be the conversion of internal company processes, since almost all processes have to be adjusted.”

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The status update report is available at the securPharm homepage.

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