Spin-off of research & development areas into enoware GmbH


Karlsruhe, 20th August 2014 – Successful spin-off of research & development areas of Systec & Services to enOware GmbH.

In recent years, the research & development department of Systec & Services developed the themes YouFootprint, GEOsniff and BIOsniff. As of 1st July 2014 the successful spin-off of these research & development themes into enOware GmbH GmbH took place.

Basis for this new company and its products were the final participation of the energy portal YouFootprint at the “Innovationspreis NEO 2013” as well as the entrepreneur iniative of KIC InnoEnergy with the German Headquarter at Karlsruhes Technologiepark, in which enOware GmbH has its head office.

The name enOware GmbH is an artificial word and a combination of the words energy, innovation, hard- and software as well as engineering.

The enOware GmbH intends to position itself as a product-company at the market. This includes the following applications:

  • Mobile sensor systems for use in the fluid environment (GEOsniff)
  • Energy and environmental monitoring such as geothermal energy, water, sewage, etc. (YouFootprint)
  • Research and engineering

The results from the reseach & development project for monitoring of geothermal probes using GEOsniff will be prepared in cooperation with Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and Krämer Erdwärme GmbH be presented at the fair GeoTHERM on 5th and 6th of March 2015 in Offenburg, Germany.

For further information:
enOware GmbH
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Simeon Meier
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Email: sim@enoware.de | www.enoware.de/en

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