Successful MES & Process Minds 2014 Conference

09/22/2014 - 11/30/2013

Karlsruhe, October, 15th 2014 - Systec & Services could enter a great visitor flow at this year’s MES & Process Minds 2014 Conference which took place from the 22-23rd of September in Berlin, Germany.

More than 120 senior level executives, board-level attendees and leading professionals from within all industries came to the conference to discuss about challenges and solutions of cutting edge MES & IT manufacturing technologies, trends and best practice innovations. In a lot of presentations and discussion rounds experiences and best practices of MES best in class projects and project execution were exchanged.

Systec & Services initiated one of these discussion rounds – the Solution World Café – on the topic "The Role of MES and Track & Trace solutions in the Integrated IT world". Mainly the question how Track & Trace solutions should be integrated with MES solutions was discussed. The experts were of the unanimous opinion that the two solutions should generally designed and operated in parallel, however, that a "light integration" should be established for the exchange of data. In addition, the claim was formulated that the manufacturers of the solution should be composed to lay down uniform interface standards.

The MES & Process Minds is the only European platform that targets manufacturing-, IT-, engineering-, process management-, and MES leaders from all around the globe and which is focused on industries such as Life Sciences (Pharma, Biotech, Medical Devices), Chemicals and Food.

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