Successful Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Summit


From June 20th to June 22nd Systec & Services participated at the Pharmaceutical Packaging and Labelling Summit in Geneva both as sponsor and exhibitor.

Day one was dedicated to 2 workshops of one which was conducted by Systec & Services. The following aspects of serialization were covered: Drawing the network, keys to success, and the big picture.

The following 2 days were dedicated to 2 main topics: Packaging Artwork and Serialization. Discussions and presentations around Implementation of a global Serialization Strategy from various speakers and a specific presentation by Systec & Services regarding the true cost of serialization were on the agenda. The Systec & Services presentation is available here.

Systec and Services was able to meet and interact at their booth and during networking sessions with various players in the pharmaceutical industry putting forward their knowledge, expertize, and offering for serialization.

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