Successful We Track Conference hosted by Movilitas


11/12/2015 - 11/13/2015

On November 12th and 13th, 2015 Systec & Services successfully participated at this year’s We Track Conference, hosted by Movilitas, at Westhafen Pier in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.


Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, Serialization and Track & Trace is an exciting and rapidly evolving space, chiefly driven by compliance, consumer and brand protection requirements, while promoting operational excellence, customer service and trust.

Systec & Services addressed at the We Track Conference its portfolio that comprises solutions for serialized Track & Trace and services to implement these solutions both as an integrator as well as part of the serialization team of the clients.

With these solutions, Systec & Services helps customers, to address critical business needs of the Life sciences industry, preparing itself for very high volume serialization to comply with increasingly international directives and to retain the right to sell into the respective regulated markets.

At the 6th Movilitas We Track Conference the 100 delegates got direct access to expertise and know-how to help implementing serialization solutions from the initial assessment, to the set-up of solutions including all the way through to the ongoing optimization processes. Experts from GS1, securPharm, Acino, Vetter, LTS, Bayer, and MERCK discussed real-use cases with the delegates.

During the breaks and at the evening event the experts from Systec & Services took the excellent opportunity to network with the peers to exchange experiences.

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