Systec & Services GmbH focuses the HMI and industry PC Business in new affiliate Systec & Solutions GmbH


Karlsruhe, 1st July 2013 – Starting July 1st 2013, the new found affiliate Systec & Solutions GmbH takes the complete responsibility for the business field of hardware systems from Systec & Services GmbH.

Starting July 1st 2013, the new found affiliate Systec & Solutions GmbH takes the complete responsibility for the business field of hardware systems from Systec & Services GmbH.

With this step, the company wants to extend its market position further and to focus the business operations in the field of special hardware solutions for the regulated industries more intensely. For the customers there will be hardly any changes. As well the previous contact persons as the established processes will stay the same. The complete product portfolio of the hitherto division hardware systems will be further carried on and further developed.

Directors will be Andreas Koenig, who previously has been registered manager and Director Sales & Marketing, as well as Karl G. Linder, who is also directing partner of Systec & Services GmbH.

In the last 11 years since foundation, the Systec & Services GmbH has grown extensively as well in the division Software and Services, as in the business field of hardware systems. To concentrate the competencies and strengths and to provide the expertise more targeted to the customers, the Systec & Solutions GmbH was founded as an affiliate of the Systec Services GmbH.

“With Systec & Solutions we will act clearer as a hardware solution supplier for the market and our customers and therefore will react even faster and more flexible to our customers’ questions and wishes”, Andreas Koenig is looking forward.

“Important for us is, that for our customers nothing essential changes, besides from the fact that we will now be able to respond more targeted to them and their needs.”, Karl G. Linder adds.

With the motto “Driven by Innovation” Systec & Solutions wants to come up to the customers’ high standards and to stay a creative director in this industry segment.

The Systec & Services GmbH as full-service supplier will continue offering its established software and services portfolio for production management (Manufacturing Execution Systems, Life Science Intelligence Solutions, EBR Consulting and computer software validation). “Also in the future we want to cooperate at the market with our affiliate, every time when this leads in a turnkey project as combination of software and hardware to advantages for our customers.” Hermann Schaefer, Alfred Schiffmacher and Karl G. Linder, the directors of Systec & Services GmbH sum up.

About Systec & Solutions GmbH:
Systec & Solutions GmbH, with headquarters in Karlsruhe, is a specialized manufacturer of hardware complete solutions amongst others for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry. The product portfolio covers cleanroom fitted industry PCs and HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) and keyboards. A characteristic are the drivable, mobile, energy autarkic HMI platforms. Furthermore also ex-saved industry PCs are sold. The Systec & Solutions develops customer specific products and solutions and offers a wide range of services, from the consulting to the montage of the system. Our customers appreciate the flexibility and customer focus. The Systec & Solutions GmbH is an affiliate of Systec & Services GmbH.

For further information:
Systec & Solutions GmbH
Emmy-Noether-Strasse 17
76131 Karlsruhe

Andreas Koenig
Fon: +49 721 6634 400
Fax: +49 721 6634 444

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