Withdrawal of Karl G. Linder as managing director of Systec & Services

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With effect from 30th of June 2015, Karl G. Linder resigned as CEO of Systec & Services GmbH. The formal dismissal took place on 01st of July 2015.

His long-term experience and his support as an active partner were and still are one of the main pillars and contributed significantly to the success of the company. His commitment as CEO of the subsidiary Systec & Solutions GmbH remains unchanged.

The CEO Fred Schiffmacher and Hermann Schaefer thank Karl G. Linder warmly, on behalf of all employees, for his support since the start of Systec & Services in 2002. "We are delighted that he will continue to fully support us as a shareholder," said Fred Schiffmacher and Hermann Schaefer.

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