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The goal of an intelligent Track & Trace solution for the global pharmaceutical industry is the ability to have a regulated control the supply chain of your company. With emerging regulations and compliance with GMP requirements for serialization this solution is becoming increasingly important. The growing demand to prevent counterfeiting and theft is covered by our Track & Trace system as well.

The limited number of machine suppliers typically deliver excellent systems. Delivering solutions is often a challenge for them. In addition they are limited in scaling up their implementation services capabilities to meet the increasing demand of the industry.

Systec & Services supports regulated industries in different phases of the project, to finalize your track & trace projects and strategies. With time-tested methods of our experts we fill gaps in your project that meet the needs and strategies of the equipment suppliers and those of its customers.

Track & Trace Services - Your benefits

By implementing a Track & Trace solution Systec & Services takes your programs and projects to success and makes extensive expertise for

  • high predictability of project costs as well as project durations
  • minimize project risks
  • achieve faster project results using proven templates
  • Establish Programs (holistic project approach)
  • Meet expectations of local regulations
  • Satisfy agreed objectives of all stakeholders

Track & Trace Services - Our services

The gradual implementation of a software calls for a wide range of requirements for a successful project. With these services, we would like to contribute to the success.

  • Consulting and Support with System selection
  • Program and project management
  • Specifications
  • Process Design
  • Documentation and validation according to GAMP® 5
  • Software customization and interface development
  • Training
  • Go-Live Support
  • Different levels of Operational Support
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