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PharmaSuite® is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which was developed specifically for the life sciences. The focus is on the pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetics. Recently, the use is possible also for Medical Device Manufacturers for discrete manufacturing. PharmaSuite® is based on ultramodern FactoryTalk® technology. The software vendor is the American company Rockwell Automation. The system complies with the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the official drug regulatory agency of the United States

The Rockwell Automation Software records the materials, equipment and persons involved in the production process to accurately and helps you to keep full and accurate records of its batches and release. It is a pre-validated system. Depending on your individual requirements you receive this MES software as a stand-alone or as an integrated solution.

PharmaSuite® - Our Services

MES Software by Rockwell Automation

In the pharmaceutical environment, it is required by law, to document the production of a batch of medicinal products. This creates a lot of output in paper form and requires the coordination of various process participants. With Electronic Batch Record (dt. Electronic Batch Record), short EWC can take place to optimize in these areas. PharmaSuite® is a MES with a focus on EBR.

PharmaSuite® includes the following features:

  • Paperless Production (Recipe Management, Electronic Batch Recording) 
  • In-Process Monitoring 
  • Traceability throughout the production chain 
  • Weighing and Dispensing 
  • Master Data Management 
  • Equipment Management
  • Production Warehouse Management
  • Recipe Designer

PharmaSuite® - Your benefits

PharmaSuite® helps to increase quality and efficiency:

  • Reduce the cycle time through the entire recipe lifecycle
  • Optimize your recipe creation (Recipe Designer)
  • Increases "right first time" rate for recipe execution (Electronic Batch Recording, EBR)
  • Reduces your batch review cycle time from days to hours
  • Reduce the trouble shooting (QbD - Quality by Design)
  • Make digital reports of processes and specifications and thereby minimize production and documentation errors
  • Streamline the processing on site (EBR Execution)
  • Optimize reducing delivery costs and the operating and maintenance costs
  • Shorten your release times (Review & Approval)

PharmaSuite® - Solution Partner

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As Rockwell Automation Solution Partner we integrate Rockwell Software Solutions and are the strategic and global partner in the Life Sciences and Consumer Packaged Goods industries. We are one of the world's three partners who are led by Rockwell Automation as "Solution Partner" in the "Manufacturing Operations" for the following products: PharmaSuite®, CPGSuite™ as well as FactoryTalk® VantagePoint.

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