RS PMX™ MES - Production Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Key to an intelligent system is the integrated information and production visibility - RS PMX™ MES delivers the tools for this. The RS PMX™ MES solution lowers cost and enhances capability of your production. The development of leaner, faster and better manufacturing system leads to far more efficient operation processes and thereby massive cost and time saving. It is tailored for the needs of the worldwide leading organizations of Life Sciences industry

Manufacturing systems are designed to support companies to meet laws and requirements. The RS PMX™ MES is a scalable, pre-validated system including complete validation documentation. This solution delivers all necessary information to optimize processes in the production – from incoming order to the finished product.

RS PMX™ MES - Our services

The RS PMX™ MES – higher efficiency – more flexibility – clear cost reduction

As a solution partner of Rockwell Automation we are worldwide one of the few RS PMX™ MES integration partner and offer automation solutions for the optimization of your production.

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RS PMX™ Recipe - Simplify your recipe management.

MES provides you with targeted functions for efficient and safe recipe development. The reusability of existing procedures and controlled versioning are just some of the features that will help you improve your processing time and the quality of your master batch records.

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RS PMX™ Equipment Management MES - Integrate your assets into the MES world.

Translate process data to information. RS PMX™ Equipment Management MES complements your system with comprehensive, cross-PMX™ features for all equipment types from rooms to subassemblies used in the manufacturing environment. The classification, scheduling, tracking, and log functions provide valuable support for your execution and qualification activities.

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PMX™ Dispense MES –the fastest way to RoI in pharmaceutical manufacturing environment

Rockwell Software PMX™ Dispense MES helps Life Sciences manufacturers optimize time utilization in weigh and dispense operations. Predefined process-specific calculation, material identification, and control functions let you quickly implement weigh and dispense operations providing improved regulatory compliance at lower cost.


PMX™ EBR MES - Review by exception becomes reality

Rockwell Software PMX™ EBR MES delivers all you need for complete electronic data handling in Life Sciences manufacturing and packaging. The comprehensive automated documentation, electronic signatures, and online plausibility check functions allow you to eliminate costly paper production and archiving.

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PMX™ SkillTrack MES - Manage your staff qualification

Rockwell Software PMX™ SkillTrack MES supplies you with reliable management and verification features for administering and monitoring internal training and qualification. Extensive forecasting, planning, and scheduling func­tions, as well as qualification-related access restriction will improve your qualification compliance.

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PMX™ Warehouse MES - Consolidate your warehouse management.

Rockwell Software PMX™ Warehouse MES handles all the tasks related to material management in a GMP-compliant environment. From inventory and material movement control to storage condition maintenance, this tool serves as a single integrated portal for all warehouse related data and activities.

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PMX™ Schedule MES - Optimize your resource utilization

Rockwell Software PMX™ Schedule MES serves as an electronic planning board with a variety of valuable features. The clearly structured graphical user interface allows you to schedule orders, facilities, and setup times to meet production targets while improving asset utilization.

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PMX™ Visual MES - Improve compliance and efficiency

Rockwell Software PMX™ Visual MES provides extensive monitoring features for your manufacturing process. The data acquisition and viewing capabilities consolidate reams of data into real-time views of production and facility status to help you improve your operational efficiency, compliance and production.

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PMX™ Connect MES - Connect to the world outside MES

Rockwell Software PMX™ Connect MES provides the data information and exchange required for seamless integration. This universal interface allows you to link your manufacturing solution to all relevant systems for robust data exchange.

RS PMX™ MES - Your benefits

  • Improved operation processes through simple integration and information eexchange in your organization
  • Avoidance of waste and higher process flexibility by stronger process control
  • Display of more applications in leaner, more intuitive user interface by tightly integrating weigh and dispense operations with electronic work instructions
  • Real-time equipment status by direct interaction of Electronic Batch Record with the machinery
  • Faster batch review by work instructions or by exception through the possibility of selection and tracking
  • High flexibility responding to market changes and customer wishes through seamless forwarding of all information within your company

Solution Partner

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As Rockwell Automation Solution Partner we integrate Rockwell Software Solutions and are the strategic and global partner in the Life Sciences and Consumer Packaged Goods industries. We are one of the world's three partners who are led by Rockwell Automation as "Solution Partner" in the "Manufacturing Operations" for the following products: PharmaSuite®, CPGSuite™ as well as FactoryTalk® VantagePoint.

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